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4 Stars
This is my first every Helena Hunting book and I’m pretty annoyed at myself for that. I have had her books on my tar list for so long but just never got round to reading them. That will be changing asap!
Having read the synopsis for this book I knew it would be right up my alley, I have been suffering from the flu so I wanted something light and fun to cheer me up and Shacking Up definitely delivered that.
After accidentally getting mauled by Bancroft at her bestie’s engagement party Ruby ends up getting sick which just throws a spanner into an already hectic time for her. She ends up homeless, jobless and sick in the space of no time and refuses to admit defeat. Ruby was a great heroine for me, she wasn’t one of those girls who let everyone else support her, she had a great sense of humour and she was just an all around trip for me.
Bancroft is not like the other assholes with last names for a first name guy that Ruby hates! He was such a complex character at times, the way he cared for Franny and Tiny showed a great insight into the type of guy he was and the fact that he wasn’t a manwhore definitely won him points with me.
Armstrong was a complete knob jockey, I really feel like he needs a mention, I couldn’t stand him and I wanted to junk punch him every time he was mentioned in this story.
This book had some hilarious laugh out loud moments as well as some totally cringeworthy ones. I was sucked straight into this book and couldn’t put it down. I really hope Amie wises up and leaves that douchecanoe she is with and gets her own story!
I will definitely be going back to start the rest of Helena Hunting books soon.

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