Duke of Manhattan, an all-new contemporary romance by Louise Bay is coming May 16th!!!



I was born into British aristocracy, but Iโ€™ve made my fortune in Manhattan. New York is now my kingdom.
Back in Britain my family are fighting over whoโ€™s the next Duke of Fairfax. The rules say itโ€™s me–if Iโ€™m married. Itโ€™s not a trade-off worth making. I could never limit myself to just one woman.
Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down. Now, the only way I can save the empire I built is to inherit the title Iโ€™ve never wanted — so I need a wife.
To take my mind off business I need a night thatโ€™s all pleasure. I need to bury myself in a stranger.
The skim of Scarlett Kingโ€™s hair over my body as she bends over . . .
The scrape of her nails across my chest as she screams my name . . .
The bite of her teeth on my shoulder just as we both reach the edge . . .
It all helps me forget.
I just didnโ€™t bargain on finding my one night stand across the boardroom table the next day.
She might be my latest conquest but I have a feeling Scarlett King might just conquer me.
A sexy, standalone romance.
Preorder Today!
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