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Love, Hate, and Other
Lies We Told by Deirdre Riordan Hall

Let go from her job and
feeling lost, Navy Carrington takes a position as coffee-girl at a publicity
firm. Their newest client is Carrick Kennely, the former love of her life and
her fiercest adversary. She thought she’d let go of the past by playing it safe
with book boyfriends—and avoiding frustratingly sexy guys like Carrick.
When Navy’s roommate
finds the Boyfriend Book,
a silly relic leftover from Navy’s teens, it prompts a dare; Navy is to go on
five dates and pick one to be her Valentine. Despite her reservations, she
can’t say no, especially if it means proving to herself and Carrick that she
can move on.
Except Carrick. He’s
infuriating, attractive, confusing, catnip…and it turns out he has a secret.
With a love letter and a
plane ticket in hand, Navy leaves her baggage behind and must decide between
love, hate, and the lies she told to protect her fragile heart.
Told with humor and
heart, Love, Hate, and Other Lies
We Told may appeal to readers who enjoy Alice Clayton, Sally
Thorne, and Emily Giffin’s work. 
You may also enjoy the companion novella How Not to Fall in Love

Katya’s middle name may
be Aphrodite, but she has no interest in relationships. In fact, she has three
rules she lives by:

1. Never spend the night.
2. Never sleep with the same guy twice.
3. Never fall in love.
Oh, and number 3.1 is never order the same coffee two days in a
That’s a lot of nevers, but when she repeatedly breaks
every single one of them (her undoing was a vanilla latte with a heart in the
foam, BTW), she begins to wonder…
Actually, it was a batch of chocolate chip cookies that started
her downward spiral. Never mind, scratch that, it was Spencer—her
neighbor. He’s also a banker, a player, and seems to know just what Kat wants,
which isn’t love.
Until they start to spend a lot of time together…
Until she finds one of his socks at her place…
Until they go to a ski resort for a long weekend…
Until he has a snowboarding injury…
As Kat struggles with the part of her that wants to be strong,
single, and on the scene and the mushy, melty, romantic within, she tries
desperately not to fall in love. But what’s wrong with falling if you have
someone with dark tousled hair, refined yet ruggedly handsome features, and
chiseled abs to catch you?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
How Not to Fall in Love is the companion novella to Love,
Hate, and Other Lies We Told
, but can be read as a standalone romantic

Deirdre Riordan Hall is the author of the young adult bestsellers, Sugar and Pearl along with the Follow your Bliss series. When she’s not writing, she’s probably surfing or in pursuit of magic. She also has a healthy case of wanderlust, loves chips and salsa, and dreams about learning no less than three
languages. Join her monthly newsie!
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Get your copy of Love, Hate, and Other
Lies We Told
your copy of How Not to Fall in Love



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