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Title: Make Me
Series: Sterling Shore #10
Author:Β CM Owens
5 Stars
CM Owens knows how to pack a punch!!! Her Sterling Shore series has been one of my all time favourite series’! We finally get Dale’s story and it couldn’t have been further from what I expected of the straight laced, sensible Sterling.
Dale has always been the sensible, reliable and slightly boring Sterling, we learned that early on in this series but he showed a whole different side to us in this book! He showed us he could be fun, flirty and unbelievably sexy in this story!
I loved Harley, I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about her in the beginning of this book since she was so hell bent on her mission but she won me over early on and I loved her more as the story went on! I think the reason I liked Harley so much was because although our stories are different I relate to the bullying on a level. My school years were horrific and I think that was part of the reason I was so endeared with her character!
We get to see moe from the other couples we have came to love over this Ten part series and catch up with bits and pieces from their lives! I love this, it’s always been a draw for me in this series that the characters are so likeable and we get to see them the whole way through!
This was another terrific book from the lovely CM Owens, it had the right amount of humour in it alongside the heartache you could literally feel jumping off the pages and chipping away at your heart! I hadn’t even got to 25% in the book and I had already more than one sobfest! This will definitely leave you with a case of the feels!!

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