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Title: Hit The Spot

Series: Dirty Deeds #2

Author: J Daniels

4 Stars
I was so excited to get this book, after reading about these characters in Four Letter Word I just couldn’t wait to get stuck into Hit The Spot.
Jamie was a complete ladies man, he was cocky, arrogant, a complete smart a$s and I was looking forward to him being taken down a peg or two but there were times I just didn’t feel that happened enough. Don’t get me wrong I ended up liking him but I have to admit there were a few parts of the story I found myself wavering! He definitely won me over in the end though!
Tori was my main issue with this book, she was not at all like I expected her to be and if I’m being completely honest I found her very hard work and pretty unlikeable at times! While I found her character hard work at times I still felt a connection with her and at times my heart went out to her!
I got sucked straight into the storyline and I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. While I did enjoy this boom I didn’t find it just as good as Four Letter Word! J Daniels has a gift where writing is concerned, she is able to bring the reader into her stories and make them feel part of this alternate world! I love that about her books and I’m excited to see what she has coming for us next!

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