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Title: Final Ride
Series: The Hellions Ride
Author: Chelsea Camaron
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Cover Designer:ย Cover Me Darling
Everything I have never had is right in front of me. Family, itโ€™s mine for the taking. For the first time in my life, I found stability in the Hellions MC. From the ground up, Iโ€™ve been loyal to my brothers.

Now the time has come when I may have to choose between the family Iโ€™ve never known or the club Iโ€™ve built and given my all to.

Richard โ€˜Friscoโ€™ Billings is the California kid who rode into Haywoodโ€™s Landing when the Hellions were needing an extra man. As an original, heโ€™s been with the club from day one. After growing up with no real place to call home, heโ€™s found solid ground.

All of it crashed around him when secrets were revealed and he found out he missed all the formative years with his daughter being raised in an enemyโ€™s club.

Amy Mitchell was lost her whole life until she was found by the Hellions MC in a bad situation with Felix Delatorre. She spent years with the club, rebuilding her life and finding a place where she could belong.

When a new young woman comes into the home she has with Frisco, will she still fit into his world? Will Frisco find a way to make everything work together? Will this be his final ride with the Hellions as life takes him down a different road?

Catch up with all your favorite couples as every secret finds its way out of the dark and new things are revealed, changing the club forever. This is the final ride for the Hellions MC as we know it.

I shower quickly, lost in my own thoughts. Stepping out, I dry off while ignoring the mist-covered mirror. I have learned to dress and ready myself in minimal time without looking at my reflection. As much as I donโ€™t see the beauty in me physically, Frisco does. How did everything so bad in my life land me in the arms of a man so good?
I feel delightfully sore in all the right places. Applying my lotion, I have this peace with my body I didnโ€™t have before. Things may not be off to the best start with Frisco, but he wants me. Heโ€™s told me Iโ€™m in his bed. I had enough bad in my life to know how to hold on to the good, even if itโ€™s fleeting. Frisco and I may not have forever, we may not have more than what we have already shared, but in this time, itโ€™s more than I ever had before.
My hands are slippery from the condensation and my lingering lotion when I twist the doorknob, so it takes an extra bit of effort to pop it open. Then I step out into what is Friscoโ€™s bedroom, looking down, only to be stopped by the firm grip of a manโ€™s hands on my arms.
Fear tunnels in until I breathe deeply and inhale his scent.
โ€œFrisco,โ€ I say on a whisper, my body relaxing.
โ€œDonโ€™t want shit between us. Ainโ€™t had to hesitate to say what I need to say or do what I need to do with you for a long damn time. Thought we were good. Thought this was right.โ€
Tears prickle the back of my eyes. Are we going to be over before we even begin?
โ€œWe are right,โ€ I say softly. โ€œFocus on whatโ€™s right in front of your face.โ€
He tips my chin up to look at him. โ€œRight in front of my face, huh?โ€
โ€œFrisco, Iโ€™m here. Iโ€™m gonna be here when the dust settles.โ€ I pause. โ€œYour daughter, that young woman in the other room, she needs to know you are solid. Donโ€™t lose sight of what youโ€™ve just got a grip on.โ€
โ€œGood woman, Amy. Youโ€™re a damn good woman.โ€ He kisses my forehead. โ€œDonโ€™t know shit about being a dad. Donโ€™t know shit about taking care of a teenager. I do know what I got right here.โ€
I canโ€™t stop the smile that spreads across my face. โ€œYeah, whatโ€™s that?โ€
โ€œA beautiful woman who will back me up while I find my footing in this fatherhood stuff. A strong woman who pushes me beyond my past and into the present. Yeah, darlinโ€™, I donโ€™t wanna lose sight of whatโ€™s right in front of my face.โ€
When his lips meet mine, I melt. Iโ€™m not weak to him, but my body is. I know with Frisco I could say no and he would stop right now. I know I am safe with him. My body is safe with him. My heart is safe with him.
Right in front of my face is a man who gives his all to those he loves. Right in front of my face is a man who hasnโ€™t had it easy, but he has endured. Right in front of my face is a man who loves deeply, fights fiercely, and doesnโ€™t back down from any challenge life gives him.
Right in front of me is my future. Right in front of him is my unconditional love, loyalty, and a commitment to ride for life.
Right in front of my face is a woman of beauty, loyalty, strength, and courage. For years, Iโ€™ve gone through life holding back. If tomorrow never comes, at least I have given love a second chance. In the years Amy and I have had together, sheโ€™s worked her way into my heart, my life, and I donโ€™t want to let go of what is just getting started.
Inhaling the vanilla scent of her lotion, I run my hands up and down her spine as I devour her mouth, needing to feel connected to her. When she moans, my cock hardens against my jeans, rubbing uncomfortably. I havenโ€™t had this much trouble controlling my dick in years, and it feels good.
Everything with Amy feels good.
Cupping her ass, I pull her against me as I turn us and practically glide us toward the bed. Amy squeals in delight as I lay her back on it and immediately take her nipple into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it before blowing against her exposed skin.
I pull back and laugh. โ€œYour lotion tingles on my lips.โ€ I kiss my way down her belly, sensing her insecurities. โ€œRelax, Amy. Every inch of you tells a story, baby. Donโ€™t ever doubt where you came from.โ€ I tease her belly button with my tongue, and she trembles under me.
โ€œFrisco,โ€ she whispers.
โ€œYour body was made for mine. You were made for me.โ€
She traces the tattoo on my rib with her fingertips.
โ€œAmy,โ€ I say on a laugh, sliding my goatee over her sensitive skin. โ€œI got that ink after our first kiss. You get under my skin, baby. Have for a long damn time.โ€
โ€œFrisco,โ€ she moans out as I tease her pussy lips with my goatee then flick my tongue over her flesh.
โ€œDo I get to you, Amy?โ€ I ask as I part her pussy lips with my tongue and suck on her clit as she arches up wildly into my face.
โ€œDo I get under your skin, Amy?โ€ I use my fingertip to trace the circle of her entrance as she tries to slide over me. I keep my finger just on the edge as I lap her clit with my tongue.
โ€œDo you want me inside you, Amy?โ€ I lick then suck her clit, sliding one finger in torturously slow. โ€œDeep inside you, do you want me to slide my rock-hard cock in your wet pussy and let you ride me until you canโ€™t catch your breath, until your body coats in a fine sheen of sweat?โ€ I pull my finger out, only to ever so slowly slide back inside her with two, in and out as I let my voice vibrate against her sensitive skin. My goatee scrapes with each word. โ€œDo you want me to fuck you, Amy?โ€ I hum against her as she shakes, her release continuing to build. Sheโ€™s on the edge, but itโ€™s not time yet. โ€œDo you want me to fuck you so long, so hard, and so fast that your eyes feel like they will roll back in your head?โ€
โ€œYes!โ€ she cries out, getting louder and louder as her need builds.
โ€œDo you want me to give it to you good, Amy? Do you want me get under your skin? Youโ€™re under mine.โ€
โ€œYes!โ€ She thrashes wildly. โ€œPlease, Frisco, I need you in me.โ€
โ€œWell, if you need it, who am I to deny you?โ€ I smile against her as I kiss my way up her body, lining my cock up and sliding into her wet core, and sending her over the edge in two thrusts before working myself to climax as she reaches her second orgasm.
Hell yes, I definitely love what is right in front of my face. This works. This is us.
4.5 Stars
This was the conclusion to The Hellions MC series and it went off with a bang!! Chelsea Camaron has given us an amazing ending to a brilliant series, this series has sucked me straight in and kept me captivated the whole way through.
I never really gave Frisco a second thought while I was reading this series, he never really stood out to me in the previous books so I wasnโ€™t sure what to expect from his book. I have to say though I ended up liking him so much more than I thought I would.
Amy has lived through something completely horrendous, she still has anxiety and side effects from it years later. Frisco has been her rock through it all and has stuck by her when she has needed him most.
This couples HEA has been a long time coming and Iโ€™m so glad we got to go on this journey with them. I have to say though this book had me a complete sobbing mess at a certain point. Don’t get me wrong there were other times I had shed a few tears but there was one point in particular I couldnโ€™t get myself under control.
Chelsea Camaron has a definite talent for writing hot bikers and some amazing leading ladies. I have really loved getting to know each character in this series and Iโ€™m so sad this is the last we will see of them. I can’t wait to see what Chelsea has in store for us next.
USA Today Bestselling author Chelsea Camaron is a small town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She is a wife and mom chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond, she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.



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