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Title: Pull Me Close

Author: Sidney Halston

4.5 Stars
I was addicted to Sidney Halston’s Against The Cage series so I knew this would be another great book from her but I have to admit it blew my expectations!
I thought Nico was going to be a complete a$$ but after a while he totally changed my opinion of him. He stole a little bit more of my heart every chapter!
I think the fact that I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks myself in the past made me relate a lot more to Katherine. Although Katherine’s symptoms were a lot more severe than what I suffered through and her circumstances were so much different but it definitely made it a relatable topic for me.
Mental illness isn’t usually a topic I would search for in a book, it’s just not something I go looking for but I’m glad I picked up this book. It had me drawn straight into the story and kept my attention throughout.
This book gave me plenty of feels, there were so many times I had to struggle with the urge to cry and some moments that I just couldn’t help but she’s a few tears for Katherine.
I love Matt, I really hope we get to see his story. He seems like a pretty complex but lovable character who deserves to find some happiness!
Sidney’s writing is always captivating and totally addicting! I can’t wait to see more from this talented author!






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