Title: A Necessary Sin

Series: Sin Series #1

Author: Georgia Cates

A Necessary Sin Cover 080515.jpg
5 Stars
This isn’t a book I would typically reach for, I’m not big into reading about crime families or mafia types so I tend to steer clear! The reason I decided to read this one though is because I loved Georgia Cates previous trilogy.
Bleu lost her mother in a horrific manner when she was just a child and has put her whole focus into killing the monster who took her from her. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Bleu but I have to admit I really ended up liking her. She was a little hard to connect with in the very beginning but once I got into the story I found her character more relatable and likeable.
I was sure I would hate Sin but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He ended up winning me over with the way he treated Bleu and the things he did for her.
This book had me hooked from the very first word and I cant wait to see where Georgia takes us next!!
Title: The Next Sin
Series: Sin Series #2
Author: Georgia Cates
The Next Sin Cover 080515.jpg
5 holy Sh!t stars
Holy Sh!t what a cliffhanger!!!!! I honestly didn’t see that coming but we all know who called in the tip!
This book was so addicting that I just couldn’t set it down, from the moment I picked up A Necessary Sin I have been sucked into the life of Sin and Bleu.
I have my suspicions about who is behind everything, I can’t believe he is getting away with it though!!
Sin and Bleu have me so consumed in their story that I cant wait to start the final instalment of this series as soon as I finish this review.
Georgia Cates is definitely an author I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t read her work. Her books are always so well written and the storylines are well thought-out and developed!! I cant wait for what comes next!!
Title: One last sin
Series: Sin Series #3
Author: Georgia Cates
One Last Sin Cover 080515.jpg
5 Stars
This was a beautiful ending to a very turbulent series!! As o said in my review of A Necessary Sin this isn’t one of my typical reads, and it totally surprised me how much I loved the whole series!
I had myself convinced that I knew who the killer was, I was so certain of myself but Georgia threw me completely through a loop with it. This series was so unpredictable, you thought you knew what was coming next but then boom something completely different happens!
I have loved Sin and Bleu the whole way through this series and this instalment was no different! Watching them grow as people and watching their relationship develop was such a beautiful thing to witness.
This series has had me feeling such a vast range of emotions! One minute I’m p!ssed off, then I’m laughing at something, then completely enraged and crying with happiness!
Georgia Cates has outdone herself with this series, I didn’t think anything could beat the Beauty series but this one proved me wrong!! I can’t wait to see what comes next for Jamie and Ellison and hopefully we will get a book for Leith and Lorna!

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