Title: Falling Sweetly

Series: Sterling Falls #2

Author: Aidan Willows

My life has been odd lately.
I’ve been looking for love.
I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like, but I’ve been looking for it.
Date after date with awful losers has not left me with much hope.
Also, Jacob Jameson, the man I’ve had a stupid crush on, asked me to help him with his restaurant.
I foolishly said yes.
Let the months of awkwardness commence.
The girl I like keeps avoiding me.
My restaurant has been sabotaged.
The reputation that I’ve worked so hard to achieve is in ruins.
So overall, my life is not great right now.
I’m pretty sure Annika Abbott, object of my affections, is the key to reviving my business.
I’m done patiently waiting for her to come around to the idea of us being together.
Now I just have to figure out how to make her fall for me…
Annika Abbott is socially awkward, shy, kind and looking for love. She’s not embarrassed to admit it. She is, however, rather embarrassed by the freak show parade her latest set of dates have been. Annika has often been told she’s too nice for her own good, which is probably how she’s ended up agreeing to work on Jacob’s restaurant with him, after stealthily avoiding her (supposedly) unrequited crush for months.
Jacob Jameson is pretty sure he’s met the girl of his dreams. The only problem is she keeps evading him. Casual stalking seemed to help his brother land his fiancé, however, Jacob is a busy guy and stalking is a hard thing to work into a daily schedule. It’s a good thing he’s efficient. Killing two birds with one stone seems like a solid plan; get Annika to help him create a winning menu at his restaurant and persuade her to give him a chance.
Now, if only he knew how to go about winning the woman’s affections.
Authors Note: 18+ For mature readers only. Book contains graphic language, scenes of a very sexual nature, an extremely passionate but clueless chef, a self-conscious but gifted heroine, an intrusive but loving family, an insane, musical loving best friend, a c*ck-blocking cat and a goldfish who’s a really good listener…

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💕💕💕 REVIEW 💕💕💕

4 Stars
I was asked to review Falling Completely for an honest review and I really enjoyed it so I was expecting good things from Falling Sweetly! We met both Jake and Niki in Falling Completely and I knew I was going to love them both.
This book was definitely slower paced when it came to Jake and Niki’s relationship but that was one aspect of it that I really enjoyed. I loved seeing their awkward encounters and the build up of their relationship. It was definitely different than Aiden’s previous book
I have to admit though Jake wasn’t at all what I expected him to be. I thought he was going to be quiet and pretty meek but that couldn’t have been further from the truth! Jake really came out of his shell in this book and we see a completely new side to him, one who knows what he wants and goes after it and he definitely won me over with his dirty mouth! Jake was such a sweet guy, he treated Niki like she was a queen and was just so freaking loveable!!!
Niki is a really socially awkward girl who comes out with some hilarious statements that had me in stitches. She is this really kind hearted, generous and all around loveable heroine who doesn’t bring unnecessary drama to the mix!
I felt a real connection with Niki, there were some traits that we share and just like her I hate them! I’m an overly emotional person and will cry at the drop of a hat and I also have a lot of body issues that I struggle with daily. I think that will resonate with a lot of women though as I know most of us struggle with our self image!
We get to see a little more from Caleb and Liya as well as all the other Jameson’s! The supporting characters are part of the charm of this series as they all bring something different to the stories. They are a loveable bunch who will have you laughing alongside them! The Jameson clan are a handful and I really can’t wait for Nate’s story. That is one broody man I’m excited to read about!!
I really enjoy Aiden’s writing style and love the fact that there isn’t just drama thrown in for the sake of it.
This book has been one I’ve been looking forward to since I first met the characters and I have to say Aiden didn’t disappoint. The characters in this book were loveable and had me either constantly laughing or at times trying to dislodge a lump from my throat!

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