AM Collateral Damage e cover.jpg
Title: Collateral Damage
Series: Hidden Scars #2
Author: Author A. M. Myers
Release Date: July 20th
Ten seconds can change everything.
I fell in love with him twelve years ago when I was little more than a child. In the blink of an eye, he went from my best friend’s big brother to Tucker – the boy who made my heart beat faster with just a look. But he never saw me as anything more than family and I was forced to let him go.
Years later, all it took was one kiss, ten seconds of his lips pressed against mine, to knock my world off its axis and resurrect every old feeling I had buried so long ago. Now, there’s only one thing that I want and his name is Tucker Harrington.
Something is holding him back. There’s a darkness inside him that sometimes clouds his eyes and erases every piece of the fun, mischievous boy I fell in love with. His secrets haunt him and if he’s not willing to fight, how will we ever survive?
4 Stars
I read Hidden Scars by Ashley when it came out and completely fell in love with the characters she introduced us to, I was so excited to get Tucker and Daisy’s story.
I have to say though I found this one a little harder to connect with that the first. Don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy it but there were just some parts of the story I felt were a little slow and the characters weren’t just as easy to connect with.
Tucker was not at all what I was expecting him to be, he annoyed me a lot in this book and I swear I really wanted to throat punch him multiple times. He really had my temper flaring with his need to keep Daisy a secret and not tell his family or anyone else he was with her. I was dying to find out why he was like that.
Daisy had been in love with Tucker for years but never thought he would see her as anything other than his sisters best friend, she is shocked to find out thats not the case. I was frustrated at times with Daisy, I felt like she let Tucker walk all over her and I wanted to her stand up for herself more than she did. It really broke my heart how Tucker treated Daisy and the fact that she let it go on for so long.
You could feel the sexual tension between these two characters leaping off the pages and I think thats what I like so much about Ashley’s stories. I always feel like the emotions they are feeling jump off the pages and make me feel them right alongside each character.
Overall I really did enjoy this story, it was nice seeing how things from the first book affected these two characters and also to see their bond with Emma. I’m looking forward to reading Trey and Addy’s story next.

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