Title: Tell Me Something

Series: Something #1

Author: Aubrey Bondurant

4 Stars

This is Aubrey’s debut book and I have to say I was blown away by how good it was.
Haylee was an assistant who stepped into the role of model when her company was let down by the IT girl of modelling. She is criticised for her size six figure and feels like she’s not beautiful enough to be a model.
Josh is the owner of the company Haylee works for and snaps her up to be his personal assistant after witnessing her step in to model to save the day!
I really liked Haylee in the beginning of this book, she seemed like a character I was going to love. There were so many times though that I ended up on the verge of hating her. She let Josh push her around and kept coming back when he treated her like complete sh!t! Baylee gave in way too easily in my opinion.
Josh annoyed me a lot in this book, he was horrible to Haylee at times and I swear I would have junk punched him multiple times if it had of been me.
I loved the premise behind the name of this book, I found it original and unique. I loved when Haylee and Josh asked each other to “Tell me something”.
Although there were times when these characters p!ssed me off this book still held me captive right from the very beginning. It sucked me in and I couldn’t set it down. I really enjoyed Aubrey’s style of writing. I would have loved to seen more into Josh’s head though.
I can’t wait to get onto the next book although I don’t know if I will like Sasha too much.

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Title: Ask Me Something

Series: Something #2

Author: Aubrey Bondurant

4.5 Stars
I have to admit I loved this book more than the first and that really took me by surprise. I didn’t think I would like Sasha but she totally proved me wrong in this book.
This book revolves around Brian and Sasha, two longtime friends and co workers who have an unbelievable bond and scorching hot sexual tension.
Sasha seemed like a total b!tch in the previous book, she came across as cold and detached. In this book she shows her true self and she is not at all what she seems. Sasha uses her work as a shield, she works herself to the bone to hide her suffering and mask her pain. Her life hasn’t been as easy as people seem to think and she tries not to let people in.
Brian is Sasha’s boss at Gamble advertising, he lives in Charlotte where as Sasha lives in New York. Brian is also not at all what I was expecting, he is this totally laid back guy but what we don’t know is he is a complete ALPHA male. He likes to dominate women and he is unapologetic about it.
This book gave me so many cases of the feels, I swear my heart broke for Sasha so many times while I was reading this. I cried buckets at one stage.
This was another brilliant read, Aubrey’s writing style is definitely one I enjoy and the storylines have been totally entertaining. I can’t wait to read McKenzie and Colby’s story next.

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Title: Bet Me Something

Series: Something #3

Author: Aubrey Bondurant

5 Stars

McKenzie and Colby are definitely my favourite couple of the series so far. I think the fact that we have got to see them in the previous books helped with this.

Colby is known to be a complete an utter manwh0re, everyone knows him as the joker and life and soul of the party. He’s known about McKenzie’s crush on him for years but keeps her firmly in the friend zone. There were times Colby annoyed me with the way he treated McKenzie but he definitely made up for them.

McKenzie is Brian’s younger sister and Colby’s best friend, she’s been in love with him from she was six. McKenzie struggles with her overbearing mother, she steamrolls McKenzie constantly and doesn’t seem to care about her wants or feelings. My heart broke at times for McKenzie, Colby didn’t treat her great in the beginning and constantly made her self conscious about herself. I loved that she never gave up on him no matter what he did!

I loved both characters in this story, they were both funny and entertaining to say the least.

This has been a great series, I have struggled to set these books down to get anything else done! The emotion I felt during this book at times made me feel like I was the one living it and not just reading it off a page. Aubrey has done a great job of sucking you right into the story and I feel like I’m missing something now that I’m finished.


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