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Title: Chaos Bound
Series: Sinners Tribe MC #4
Author: Sarah Castille
Release Date: 28th June
4 Stars
I have enjoyed this series so far, it’s been a little while since I read the first three books so I was worried I would have forgotten what happened in the but once I picked up Chaos Bound I remembered everything.
I really liked T-Rex in the previous books, he was always fun and a happy go lucky biker. He has completely changed after being tortured by the vile Viper for 3 months. It has made him harder and a completely different man from what we were used to seeing. My heart broke for him, I wanted to reach into this book and take his pain away.
Naiya has also suffered at the hands of Viper, she went through something awful at his hands and it’s made her essentially hide from life. Naiya was a good character, she wasn’t a complete pushover nor was she a total b!tch which made her likeable.
This story didn’t go the way I thought it was going to, there were so many things I didn’t expect so it kept me interested in the story and I couldn’t set it down.

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