Title: This Old Heart of Mine
Author: A.J. Compton
Genre: Romance 
 Release Date: May 24, 2016


Ava Malone knows all about being broken-hearted.

Born with a severe heart defect, she’s spent her whole life in and out of hospital, desperately needing a transplant.

Just days from death, her weak prayers are finally answered, and she receives a new heart; one that not only saves her life, but changes it forever.

Now fit and healthy, Ava is able to do things she only dreamed of, like get a job and some independence, fall in love, and finally live life to the fullest.

But her journey of self-discovery takes her to places she never expected. Along the way, Ava doesn’t just find the woman she was always meant to be, but also finds out more about the woman who no longer is. The one who gave her this new life because she lost hers.

Faced with a devastating dilemma, Ava must decide whether the heart that’s pumping inside her body now belongs to her, or is still beating for someone else…


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“…His laughter mingles with mine and is absorbed by the stars.It’s a moment granted to us by people I hope are in the sky above us now, laughing as they look down.

I’m sure others on the ground are staring at the scene we’re making, casting their judgments. But they don’t know us, not like we know us.

They don’t understand the hope in our eyes or the alchemy of our blood.

They don’t know our truth. Our hearts. Our lives.

Lives that we now have the freedom to live or waste.

Once. Twice. Or as many damn times as we like.”


5 Stars
Wow this was a such a powerful story in my opinion!! Make sure you have some tissues on hand before you dive into This Old Heart Of Mine!!

This book started off with such emotion I could barely see the words on the page I was sobbing so hard. My heart broke and was put back together again all in the space of 3 chapters!

The characters made me fall in love with each and every one of them, they were all so likeable that you couldn’t help but form a bond with them and feel like you were taking part in their journey through life.
Ava had such a great perspective on life, she tried to live enough for everyone and see the good everywhere. I loved going on Ava’s adventure to find herself and watching her turn into the person she was destined to become.
Gabriel was a little hard to warm to in the very beginning but it didn’t take long for him to win me over. He had been through so much already and I hated the things he had to deal with. I would have loved to have gotten more of Gabriel’s point of view during the book, I really wanted to see into his head and find out what he was feeling.
I loved Finn and Gia, their banter and sense of humour was a great aspect of the story that brought some lightness to it when it seemed the darkness was going to swallow you. I hope we get a story for Finn!!

I’ve read before than an author’s main goal is to evoke feelings in people when they are reading their stories, AJ did more than that for me. Her words consumed me and kept me in their clutches right until the very last one. They worked their way into my heart, broke it into a million pieces and then slowly started rebuilding it again. The emotion poured through the pages of this book and seeped into me.
This book shows us that miracles happen but also how cruel life can actually be, it reminds us to live in the moment and to the fullest as we never know when our time is up!
Author Bio
A.J. Compton wants a lot of things;
To write books that make you think and feel deeply. 

To make you ugly cry and cry with laughter. In the same book. 

To write stories that cause you to be anti-social and have you staying up late to finish them. 

To show that life can be cruel and difficult, but it can also be incredibly beautiful and worthwhile. 

And what A.J. really wants, is to write books that make you remember why you love to read. 

A.J. knows better than most that we don’t always get what we want in life, but is going to give it a damn good try 😉


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