Title: A Perfect Moment

Series: Perfect #1

Author: Becca Lee


4 Stars
This is the first book by Becca Lee I have read but I have to say I am jumping straight into the next now.
This book had me cracking up laughing at times, Preston was a hoot and I loved his personality. He had loved Ella for over ten years and has finally grown a set and done something about it.
Kate really frustrated me at times, some of the things she did was so juvenile that I just wanted to smack her upside the head.
There were parts of the story that were a little predictable for my liking but overall this was a good read that I couldn’t set down. I have definitely discovered a new author that I will be following closely awaiting her work anxiously.

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 Title: A Perfect Love

Series: Perfect #2

Author: Becca Lee


4 Stars
There was no way I could have expected where this story was taking us, I thought Jo and Liam had the perfect love story but when we get down to it that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Jo and Liam had such a battle to overcome in the beginning of their relationship and they proved that if you love someone and fight for them enough then nothing can stand in your way!
I’m not a big fan of reading books about already married couples, I love reading about the characters falling in love and everything that goes along with it so I tend to stay away from these types of books.
I started this series because I have a copy of the third to read so I wanted to know the back story of all the other characters also. I’m glad I read these books, they have been well written and the characters have had me bawling and also laughing so hard I cried. There is such a wide spectrum of feelings that are evoked from this story! Cant wait to see what happens with Mace!

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Title: A Perfect Chance

Series: Perfect #3

Author: Becca Lee


4.5 stars
I have to say I have really enjoyed this series so far, Becca was a new author to me but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of her work when it gets released.
This is Liam’s brother Mace’s story. We meet Mace in Liam and Jo’s book and learn some of the struggles he has dealt with but it isn’t until this book that we get to hear the extent of his heartache. He feels responsible for the things that happened to both Jo and Abi and doesn’t think he can get close to another woman after these tragic events. I really liked Mace, I didn’t think I would like his as much as I did though.
Lena had witnessed an awful crime take place and battles anxiety, she struggles to go anywhere except her few safe places. Lena thinks she is weak but I have to say I felt her character showed amazing strength to overcome what she did! I have lived with mild anxiety not too long ago and it can be totally debilitating, the way Becca wrote this character really struck a cord and although I never dealt with anything as sinister as Lena it made me relate to her easier!
This book flowed flawlessly, the characters were all really likeable and I loved the style of writing. I really hope Dani and Diesel get a story!

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