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Title: Beyond Repair
Series: Broken Girl #1
Author: Annie Hughes
5 holy shit stars
I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.
I had just finished reading The Sound Of You by Annie Hughes earlier today and immediately started Beyond Repair. I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as The Sound Of You but I have to admit I found this one just as good! The two books are totally different but both equally as amazing!
Lydia was such a badass chick, I completely loved her from the first moment she bursts into the scene in this book. She was such an amazing character and had me in stitches with her inner and outer monologue! Her struggles were tremendous and I wanted to be able to just jump into this book and help her through them. I felt like Lydia was a part of me reading this story and I have to admit she is my favourite heroine I have ever read!
Callum was a completely different kettle of fish, I hated him in the beginning, the way he called Lydia names and treated her was disgraceful and I wanted to throat punch him on more than one occasion!! I did soften towards him at times in the story but I’m back to hating his guts again. He will need to do a lot in the next book to redeem himself for me.
The characters in this book were so well developed, they played off each other flawlessly and I loved the dynamic between Lydia and Kate.
The book touched along some pretty sensitive topics but it showed how a person can still function and also the struggles people deal with in real life.
This book was laugh out loud funny in parts and cry your eyes out sad at others. The story was gripping and had me clutched in its hook from the very first word. Annie Hughes has quickly became a favourite and I will be waiting on tender hooks for her next work of art!
I can’t wait for more Lydia!!! #HairyFairy








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