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Title: Ache For You

Author: Nancy Beaudet



When you lose someone you love, the world does not stop. People give you their condolences, prayers, and thoughts, but the pain does not stop. The pain never stops. Kindness can only do so much. Flo had a choice to make and she chose wrong. She chose to jump; her life ended without a second thought. The misery of being absent magnified as she’s forced to watch her best friend, and the only boy that she has ever loved, tear himself apart without her. Mal is numb. He hates himself as much as he hates the sun and earth. Nothing is right and everything feels wrong. He does not know how to go on without the only girl that he has ever loved. How did the best thing in his life go so wrong? Like magnets, Mal and Flo are drawn to each other. Separated by life and death, can true love bring somebody back? Without intention, Mal finds himself drawn to a stranger with brown eyes and orange hair. A girl so deep in disaster that it will take all of Flo’s supernatural powers to make sure this girl doesn’t soon join her. Three hearts are about to have their lives and afterlives altered. Death is strong. But are soulmates stronger?

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