Title: Violently Undone
Series: Undone series
Author: Christine Winston
I have struggled all week to write my review. I just couldn’t put into words how I felt about this book. Christine Winstonโ€™s writing has drawn me in and kept me hooked, she is now one of my go to authors and I cant wait for more amazing stories from her.

I have to admit to me this book wasn’t just as good as the first, there wasn’t much in it though. I just didnโ€™t connect as well with the story but i have to say it was still a brilliant book.
This book started with such a tragedy but then it went to the past and we never knew when the event was going to take place. I was constantly waiting for it and I think that was the only reason I liked the first one better.
We met Agent Davis and Joanna in Desperately Undone, I wasnโ€™t a big fan of his in the previous story but he won me over in this book and I lost a little bit of my heart to him. I loved how he stepped up for Jo and tried to protect and support her. donโ€™t get me wrong there were times in the book he was a complete jerk and i wanted to throat punch him to shut him up but he redeemed himself and made me fall in love with him.
Jo was a great character for me, I felt connected to her right from the beginning and her story broke my heart. Even after all she had been through she tried like hell to ย be strong and keep her independence. She had such a great personality.
I love the fact we got to see more from Bree and Michael and I have to say I loved them both a little more in this story.
Iโ€™m dying to get Rocheโ€™s story next, I cant wait to see where Christine Winston takes us next ย on this adventure!
There was some sensitive subject broached in this story but I think Christine pulled them off flawlessly and with great tact.

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