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Title: Built

 Author: Jay Crownover



4.5 Stars

Jay Crownover is one of my go to authors but I have to admit I struggled at the very beginning of this story. I have been desperate to get to read about Zeb and Sayer so I expected to love it instantly. That wasn’t the case and it took me a few chapters to actually get invested in the story but once I was in I couldn’t read quick enough.

Zeb made a mistake when he was younger and paid the ultimate price for it, his freedom. He is so open and honest about it and never hides the fact he had been to prison. That was an admirable trait in a hero and I have to say I fell in love with his character instantly.

Sayer was a little harder for me, I liked her don’t get me wrong and I understand everyone deserves a HEA but there were a few times in the story I felt like shouting at her to wise up. In saying that I felt she was a good heroine who had demons she was trying to fight and I liked her transformation!

Hyde had me ugly crying so hard!! This statement and the words leading up to it were so beautiful!!

"He nodded so vigorously I thought he was going to topple out of his chair. “I wished for someone to come take care of me when my mom went away and you showed up with Zeb.” He looked down at the collection of Legos and then back up at me. I was blinking to combat the tears I felt burning at the back of my eyes. “You granted my wish.”

Like what can you do with a statement like that but cry??

Jay always sucks me in with her storylines and keeps me hooked throughout. I love the fact her characters are always so well developed even if there are times I struggle with them.

This story had me feeling such a wide variety of emotions and Jay is always able to deliver that. I can’t wait to see what comes next and I’m dying for Poppy to get her own book someday!

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