Title: Surviving
Author: Michelle Leigh
3.5 Stars

I should start out with saying I thought the premise for this story was really good. I enjoyed the storyline and felt the characters were pretty well developed.

I found Emma to be really likeable. My heart broke for the things her and her twin brother Danny endured when they were young children. Emma tries her hardest to fight the attraction she feels toward her boss Trace but she doesn’t succeed and she ends up in a relationship with him.

I loved Trace from the very first time we were introduced to him in this book, he drew me in and i loved his and Emma’s relationship.

The only real problem I had was the editing, there were chunks of the story that just didn’t make sense. I struggled with that part and at times felt like I was reading a different story to what it should have been. Had this been sorted I think this would have been a brilliant read.

I’m looking forward to reading Enduring, I just hope the editing is a little better.

Title: Enduring
4 Stars

I was gutted when surviving ended on a cliffhanger, I couldn’t wait to get stuck straight into Enduring to see where Emma and Trace’s story took us next.

Emma was shot by her father and left for dead at the end of surviving, we assume that is the only threat but quickly realise that isn’t the case and there are other forces working against them.

I had a niggling feeling of who was responsible for there events that kept happening in this story. This book kept me on my toes trying to figure everything out and kept my interest throughout. Although there were still some issues with the editing it didn’t take much away from the story and i still wanted to read on and find out what happened with this couple.

I really hope we get a book from Danny, he has an air of mystery surrounding him and I’m intrigued to see what he has been through after leaving Emma. Hopefully he and Samantha will end up together but if not I would like Sam to get a book of her own.


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