Flawed And Damaged

Emily Krat

4 Stars
This is a debut novel from Emily Krat and I have to say I found it very well written and totally captivating.
We meet Ryan in the beginning of the book and I have to say I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about him. He was so cold, detached and a complete and utter jerk! He only believes in one night stand and trusts no one. I hated Ryan in the beginning, I felt like he gave me whiplash for large portions but I have to say once he started to show his true self I warmed up to him and I have to say he has stolen a piece of my heart.
Elizabeth made a mistake with Ryan in the airport and it cost her dearly in the beginning, over time she realises it was a blessing and can’t believe her luck. There were times I really struggled with Elizabeth but overall I did like her.
I really hope we get to see more of Mark in the next book and hopefully we will get a book from him also.
I found the characters very well developed and likeable.
This book pulled me in from the beginning and I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended for Ryan and Elizabeth, although I didn’t realise Fears and Scars is about them also.

Fears And Scars

Emily Krat


4 Stars
I have to admit when I realised there was a second book in this series I was a little disappointed, I thought Liz and Ryan’s story could have been tied up in one.
Although I struggled in the beginning of this story I have to say in the end it drew me in completely and kept me hooked until the last page.
The first half of this book I struggled with, I found Liz completely selfish and self absorbed I get she had no concern for Ryan’s feelings at times and if the shoe had been on the other foot she would have had a problem with it. I took a real dislike for her character in the first 50% but I should say I began to soften toward her after that point.
Ryan was stupid for doing a few of the things he did, I wanted to smack him and tell him to wise up. Although what he did for Jacob was admirable!
This series was very emotional at times and I have had quite a few ugly cries whilst reading it. I found Emily’s writing captivating and I loved the secondary characters in this book.
I really hope we get a book from Mark and also Jacob, it would be nice to hear what happened in their lives.

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